Using GIT for Deployment

By jeff


At first I was developing this site, and all my python projects, using WSL2, but I was starting to find working between operating systems tedious. So I put everything on the base windows OS and kept going.

Something that I was missing immediately was the lack of a makefile. I'm sure there's a workaround, but I decided to try GIT.

My webhost (Affilate link) has an option to add GIT repositories, and I want to learn more about GIT.

Screenshot of git repository on Plesk.

Time is precious

My time is tight, which is one of the reasons that I wanted to improve my workflow, so learning GIT from scratch is out the question. So instead I'm using VScode to manage it.

I added a repository on my NAS where I publish the site and then I can open the VScode and sync the repositories.

To publish I use:

pelican content -o Prod-jeffmackinnon -s

Then its as simple as reviewing the site in the production folder, commit and push.

Next steps

This will work for now, but I would like to get comfortable enough with GIT that I can just quickly review from the commandline, but for now, this works.

I am already using VScode for my text editor and having a second window open at the same time to review and publish when I'm ready is cleaner than manually updating with a FTP client.

If you use pelican and windows I would love to know your workflow. Send me a message on twiiter.