I have many interests and wear many hats. I'm a generalist at a lot of things and an expert at a few. I focus a lot of my time on power systems, reducing carbon emissions, electrifying everything, cooking, taking pictures and keeping the internet open and free.

I have a now page that I update semi-regularly and plan to update more often.

To learn more about me check out the various internet profiles in the sidebar. I will try to come up with something better here over time.

No Privacy Policy

I don't have a privacy policy on this page because I don't track you. I do have a statistics image at the bottom of every page, but that's it. These are vanity metrics, I like to know that SOMEONE is looking at this stuff.

More about me

I have a business called JMK Engineering Inc. and there is an about page there that has a bit more information about me.

Last updated: Wed 27 April 2022