My Pelican Site Setup

Welcome to my homepage, this page outlines how I have my Pelican site, this site, set up.

Installed Plugins

First, lets talk about plugins. While Pelican is pretty great 'out of the box', there are some things that are missing and there are some great plugins that fill in the gaps.


The photos plugin does exactly the "stuff" that I need for this site. I have tried a couple of other options, but the two features that make this a must have are:

  • They only handle the source images if there is a change. So I don't need to handle 1000s of photos everytime I publish.
  • It creates simple galleries based on folders.


While the series plugin not something that I expect to use a lot, it will come in handy.


This is something I would really love to see added to the vanilla pelican application, adding a sitemap to your site is table stakes when it comes to SEO and working with the search engines.

Plugins installed but rarely used

I have the image process plugin installed but it isn't used right now. I was going to use it to do the processing work for the pictures, but there was two features missing:

  1. There was no way to make galleries.
  2. They were processed every publish/export

Both of these features are in the Photos plugin mentioned above.

I still have it installed because there is a lot more flexibility in how it can be used, and if I want to have open graph images that are sized specially for twitter, etc I can't do that with photos.


All of that is here. I will probably update the theme and publish it on my github at some point, but I don't know the proper workflow/process to do that yet.


I use websavers for my hosting and domain registration. It is a great local webhost for any homepage or small business site.

FTP Client

I really want to get lftp working so I can just make lftp from the command like and get everything updated, but there is still some debugging there. So instead I use Filezilla which is a very robust FTP solution.