A weekend in November

By jeff


It was a pretty good weekend as 2020 goes. There was some sun and while there are rising numbers of #sars-cov-2 all around us, and we are looking at being locked down like we were in April for at least the next 6 weeks, we are doing pretty ok.

Walks around Frog Lake

Walks around Frog Lake

Built a floor for the greenhouse

Built a floor for the greenhouse.

Baking cookies

Baking cookies

And cinnamon rolls

And cinnamon rolls

Wishing I brought a camera

Wishing I brought a camera

We got out of the house a couple of times including a short walk in the woods. There were the typical ducks and one special one at the pond. Special enough that I vow always to through on my real camera when we go out.

The cinnamon rolls are the same small batch that I posted Saturday, on the microblog.

Pretty wood duck on a calm pond.

This 10x iPhone picture doesn't do it justice, and it was a perfect day for pictures.

Staying Safe

I mentioned above, and I want to remind everyone reading this in 2020 to stay safe. The numbers are scary, and if we take some time to think about those that you care most of and take actions to protect them. Collectively that will protect everyone.

I think Rachel Maddow said it best in her opener last week (Thanks @goldengateblond for sharing)

Originally tweeted by shauna (@goldengateblond) on2020-11-20.


Please wear your mask indoors of places that you don't LIVE. Give people space, even outside, wash your hands often.

You don't need to go to the gym, a restaurant, Timmies, etc. Wait it out a couple weeks, and if everyone did it then that's all it would take, a couple of weeks. (Well a couple is relative, it could be anywhere from 2 at the minimum to 4 or 6 on the outside based on incubation periods, length of time that people are spreaders, etc)

If there are any sub-set of selfish people in the community, that just lenghens the time that this virus will be hurting our community. Don't be selfish, think longer term, in generations.

We don't know if there are any long term respiratory, brain, cardiovascular, complications of having COVID-19 and if it really matters if it was a "mild" case. This virus is a year old, we still don't know ANYTHING about it.

Please stay safe, if YOU are willing to take the risk, please stay safe for those that you care most about, because it may not be YOU paying for that risk.