Some Truly Random Thoughts

By jeff


I don't have any great categories for this word vomit so I will put it here. Sometimes I think the tool, process, etc that I'm currently using to do a thing isn't the best according to what I know now and therefore needs to change.

It's not broken, but it can be better so I should change it.

The lastest has to do with how I host this site and my email. If I never had a personal homepage and wanted to publish one like this (static HTML) today I would host it on my NAS and call it a day. I pay ~$10/month for this site with unlimited bandwidth, 50G of space, unlimited emails, domains, etc. Its a good deal, yet I spent yesterday evening looking thinking about moving it to my NAS, and how I would do that.

The biggest obstacle was email, and I asked on Mastodon what they would recommend. I also found this Canadian host too. I signed up for 3 of them to test too.

This morning I was almost ready to hit cancel at my current host and stopped to think for one more second, and asked this question: Why am I doing this?

See, I didn't have a good reason. I haven't had any issue with my current hosting, and the savings will be, at most $5/month since the email I will go would be small operator and I would pay for it.

Is the management of a home server "worth" $5 in savings? Of course not. Is the setup I have today what present me would recommend to past me? No, but does that matter?

This is all to say that I will be sticking with Websavers (aff link), at least until I start running into the space limitations, but then it may make sense for me to host the large files at home at that point. Even with all the pictures that I'm hosting here now, and my email, etc I have over 30G left to burn through.


What's the moral of this post? If its not broke, keep going, not everything needs to be optimized.