The Picture Workflow

By jeffmackinnon


To manage all of the pictures that we take in this home, and with all the different cameras that we have around the house, there are a lot of pictures. So how do we make sure that the pictures we take are available for viewing?

Like This

First we have our mobile devices, currently all from the fruit company, but they will work with the irobot brand too. Then we have a couple point-and-shoots, a DSLR and a mirrorless full frame.

graph of my workflow

What does this all do

The purpose of the above is to make sure that the images that we take with our cameras are somewhere we can look at them immediately. I make sure that we are always shooting in both RAW and JPEG at all times. That way within 24h of injesting all the images they will live on the local photo server where we can access them on our phones, share, etc.

When I have a bit of time I will import them into Lightroom or Darktable and edit some that I will share on this site, or on our family archive site.