I'm Sticking with Wordpress, for now

By jeffmackinnon


I've been working on giving Publii a real shot for this site. I used the tool to get all these posts in a project, but it keeps crashing. I tried doing it manually (there aren't that many pages on here) but that started to crash the app too.

There are still a few things that I think that the project really needs before I can start using it full time myself. Its not even close to a solution for some of the IEEE groups that I am involved with.

Some of the bugs that need to be fixed and features that need to be added before I give it another try:

1 It needs to be stable

With just two small projects running on my main desktop it crashes often with no log to figure out why. (this is the real big one)

2 It needs better media management.

Currently it appears that there are copies of each image that you add to a post. If I want to use the same image in the post and the featured image I think they end up being replicated. This needlessly increases the size of the project, and storage on the server.

Something like wordpress where there is a separate media management app would really make this simple. There will be fewer images that need to be processed when a new theme is installed, uploaded to the site, etc.

3 More discussion options

Currently there is only Disqus available for comments. Its a fine service, but I would like to see flexibility built in. I'm sure that there would be a way to manually add the embed code into the theme, but this is not something I'm going to expect a volunteer within IEEE to be able to manage.

4 Flexible management of folder structure

This is important for my company site, and any large site that you want to have some organization with. Having a single folder with 1000s of html files, or 1000s of folders in a single folder is not "clean". I would really like to see a method of organizing the posts/pages via a "main tag" or using breadcrumbs that filter pages, etc.

This would allow any post/page that is related to a particular topic to be organized under that topic. When you have a group that has multiple committees, they would be able to have a page that is common like "widget making" and then every page would be url/widgets/something.html.

A savvy internet user would then be able to go to url/widgets to find out more without any trouble.

They say its because SEO, but give me the option to build my site for people vs google. I don't think it would be that hard.

5 A portable package

This isn't critical, but I would really like to have the option to install this on my PortableApps drive and take it with me. It would make life a lot simpler.

Since it is built on Electron, I don't know how this would work, or if it would, but there is a portable version of Chrome so I don't know of any reason it couldn't work.


This is a FOSS project with all the code on github, and the two main developers are active and working, but its just not quite ready for prime time.

I'm going to follow the project on github and give it another try when they reach v1, they are currently on v0.38.

They have a public roadmap and if they include all the functions on there and the first three above, either in the core or there are plugins available, I will give it another go in 2022.