I have comments - Using Mastodon

By jeffmackinnon

If you have a Mastodon Account, on any instance, you can now comment on posts in a common thread. I wrote a bot that will create a post where everyone can comment, and own your comments. The neat thing is that if someone already clicked the link it will take you to the same thread.

Now, the thing about Mastodon is that there are a lot of instances/servers. Its not like twitter where there is only one monolith, it is a federation of sites. I think of it more like how email works vs Slack. You can email ANYONE with an email address, where someone on Slack has to be invited to your singular group.

That's why you will see usernames like - jeff@bluenoser.me, that's my main account on my personal instance. The easiest way to get started is head over to joinmastodon.org and join a community that fits your interests. I got started on mastodon.social.

Doing the Commenting

When you click the link, you will land on a page that looks like this.


Now, here is the tricky part, that I haven't figured out yet. You can't click the "Sign in to participate" link, that will ask you to sign into my instance, and that is closed to most people.

Instead you have to click the tiny reply button.

From there you can put in your full username for the instance you belong to.


And then, when you are logged in, you can comment like normal.

comment box screenshot

I will get a notification and probably reply. If you boost the thread that will also help engagement.

If you have any suggestions of how to make this better please let me know.

Click Here to Comment on Mastodon.

If its your first time commenting, click here to figure it out.