Stormy Day in Lawerencetown

By jeff


I'm happy to say that I think I have something resembling an image processing workflow, but I'm not sure that I actually like it. But I'm not going back to Lightroom, and CaptureOne doesn't have the image handling that I would need to switch, so here we are.

We headed out to get out before the rain, and since the clouds were coming from the west we went east, to Lawerencetown. When we drove over the hill the first thing I saw was massive kites, and the parking lot had a lot more cars than I expected. I don't know if it was a planned thing, or just something that happens on the right day, but the kite-surfers were out doing their thing.

A very cool, dark grey, converted ford transit van.

It was very cool to watch, in fact it was cold just watching them. We couldn't stay long because of the driving wind and little hands getting cold, but I was able to get a couple cool pictures.

Three people looking out over the water at kite surfers, two with cameras.

However, they aren't edited the way that I like, so I may come back to them later to do some more touchups.