Finally a new fence


By jeffmackinnon

This weekend we built a new fence. We have been talking about doing it with our neighbours for a couple years now, but between COVID, the spike in lumber prices last year and life in general, we finally picked a date, it was the last weekend in April, but then the forecast called for rain, so we pushed it off to this weekend.

The picture at the top is the before. I was falling down in places, an old part was peeling paint and it was a rotten mess.

Picture of a new fence

This is the after.

There is still some clean-up to finish around the edges and I will take a couple more pictures of the final project.

The first day we were able to take down the old fence and place the posts in concrete for the new. The old fence came down way too fast, and anyone deciding to replace this one will be in for a much bigger job.

Sunday we, mostly our neighbours, got all the boards up and we finished the evening with a communal BBQ. All in all a great weekend project.

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