The February Fake-out

By jeff


Yesterday was another amazing false spring just like Wednesday (Thursday wasn't too shabby either). On my way home I crossed paths with my neighbour who described days like this as a February Fake-out. Thanks Cooper.

Another false spring day.

I was taking a quick stroll to help the baby nap, and came across this bench:

A recycled plastic bench in the wild.

Built by LakeCity Works

Lake City Works

This made me thing, it's a good time to bring back bench views. This is something that I used to do in the early days of Instgram (pre-facebook) to document the good and bad bench placements that I came across.

Bench views

This bench has some decent views

picture of the bench the view from the bench

However, as I continued my wander around the Halifax Common, I can to the North East corner and found this view that I think is even better.

Bench view from the corner of the Halifax Common

In fact, I liked this one so much I took a break from my wandering and had a sit. It was great spot to do some people watching as they walked dogs, went for a jog, or just out for a mid-day stroll. It was a great day for it and the clouds and cold will be back soon enough.