Spokane 5 yrs ago - working on the road

By jeff


Up until March of last year I did a lot of travelling for work. Before our oldest was born that travelling included a lot of time back in Spokane, WA and all over the PNW or the inland empire as some call it.

After they were born I stuck closer to home, but there were still lots of weeks I wasn't close.

Since March 2020 I haven't travelled at all, I haven't spent a night out of our home and I love it. I still have work all over but with a VPN set up I can commission from my desk and it takes a lot less time and costs the client a lot less too.

During this trip in July 2016 I worked a lot out of the Regus office where I took this picture. Having a meeting/office/"coffee shop" space that I could set up in between meetings or travel days was awesome.

While I'm sure in the coming months clients will be asking for in-person meetings and I will have to start travelling again, I don't want to get to the point were it is weeks on end for a while yet. Maybe I will be wandering, but I will take the kid(s) with me.

This was a long time ago.