So much reading

Recently I decided I wanted to read more. Read both fun books and learning books.

I’m a start and stop type reader, I will read a dozen books and then put my reader down for a year. So my goal starting now is to read consistently, even if it’s only 15min.

Forming Habits

One of the best books I read in 2019 was Atomic Habits by James Clear. In fact I read it twice. a critical theme in the book about habit formation is to keep it small at the beginning.

As small as possible.

So for that I started a couple months ago by forcing myself not to read longer than 15min or a single chapter. That was my goal, that every day.

When I noticed that my reader was with me as much as my phone I changed the goal to be at least 15min or a chapter a day.

Making progress

Since then I’ve read a bunch of books and I’m going to start posting about them. Something like reviews is post to Good Reads, but not owned by amazon.

I’ve been reading a lot of the St Mary’s Chronicles, in fact I’m almost caught up. I’m as hooked as I was with the Dresden or Laundry Files series. It’s an excellent series, while a bit too real at times when I’m looking for a fun relaxing read.

Jodie Taylor is an excellent author and the characters she’s developed are very real.

So, if your interested all these book related posts will be here, and they will be tagged with the year and series to make things somewhat sortable.

This article was updated on August 19, 2021