So many old cars in Spokane

It was 2010 in Spokane, WA

I've been trying to sell our car for the last couple weeks. Its not as old as this one was in 2010, but 2010 is the year I bough it.

Dealerships won't look at it even though it is in great shape and has very low mileage. It will make a great car for someone, but I don't want to risk it being scrapped because a dealer will simply put it to auction.

Continuing to use the stock of ICE cars that we have on the road today, while building more EVs is the best way to limit the damage. Manufacturers should have stopped design of ICE cars when I bought my 2006 VW used in 2010. The writing was on the wall that MOST people will need a EV in 2020 (2021 now) but still car manufacturers stuck with gas.

This article was updated on August 19, 2021