Royal Bank Doesn't Respect You

By jeffmackinnon


Pretty Blue Morning Glory

I had to get on the phone today with RBC support to dispute a charge on my card. The vendor decided to not cancel my account like I asked in the winter, they then switched platforms, locked me out of my account, and then told me that its been more than 30 days so they can't refund me.

This was a service that I was a paying member for 7y, first with two services they discontinued, then this new membership service. However, the founder sold it to a partner and it went downhill fast from there. This partner is more of the, "all you need to do is write a blog post and then cut it up into things to post everywhere. Its that easy, 1 blog post is 1000000 pieces of content" types of guys. The founder ran a much better ship.

Anyway, I've been waiting on the phone with RBC Royal Bank for 20min so far, them reminding me that they have high call volumes and I should just do it online.

First, this can't be done online, I checked.

Second, if you are experiencing high call volumes for almost 3 years, that just tells me that you don't respect my time and I should always be looking for a better deal. I've been a RBC customer for almost 30y and the best they can do for me is....nothing.

I was able to do the following while I hold.

  1. Write this post
  2. Start darktable.
  3. Edit the picture.
  4. Re-write this post.
  5. Edit the batch scipt that I use to publish this site.
  6. Publish this site.
  7. Tweak the theme.
  8. Publish the site again.

And still, 30 minutes in, I'm still just hearing really bad hold music and an automated voice telling me not to give information to people if "it seems to good to be true".

For this rant, may I present to you, a pretty blue morning glory.