Nova Scotia Trending

The purpose of this page is to understand the budgetary trends and the reality for Nova Scotians. I'm picking the starting year as 2000, the year I graduated high school.

A lot of what I will be comparing will be current stats in 2000 dollars, and to make sure that I'm doing that part right I need data, so I will be using the Statistics Canada CPI for Nova Scotia, always the "All-items" numbers. [1]

Minimum Wage

Everything will be based on 2000 dollars, so if the minimum wage in current dollars is higher, remember that its because of inflation. If minimum wage has been keeping up with inflation, it should be a flat line.

The majority of the information for this graph was found on the Nova Scotia Minimum Wage site however, that only goes back 10 years and I want to start in 2000. If there was more than one increase within the year, I kept the last one, and I only used the "experience" values. I'm trying hard to make it good.

For that there is a news release from September 29, 2000 talking about a couple of increases, so we can work out the rest of the graph.

Here is the source information:

Nova Scotia Minimum Wage in 2000 dollars
Date Enacted Rate Type Rate Inflation Rate In 2000 dollars
01-Oct-00 Hourly Rate $5.70 1 $5.70
01-Oct-01 Hourly Rate $5.80 1.018 $5.70
01-Oct-02 Hourly Rate $6.00 1.047 $5.73
01-Oct-03 Hourly Rate $6.25 1.081 $5.78
01-Apr-04 Hourly Rate $6.50 1.1 $5.91
01-Oct-05 Hourly Rate $6.80 1.129 $6.02
01-Apr-06 Hourly Rate $7.15 1.151 $6.21
01-May-07 Hourly Rate $7.60 1.172 $6.48
01-May-08 Hourly Rate $8.10 1.206 $6.72
01-Apr-09 Hourly Rate $8.60 1.204 $7.14
01-Oct-10 Hourly Rate $9.65 1.229 $7.85
01-Oct-11 Hourly Rate $10.00 1.274 $7.85
01-Apr-12 Hourly Rate $10.15 1.298 $7.82
01-Apr-13 Hourly Rate $10.30 1.313 $7.84
01-Apr-14 Hourly Rate $10.40 1.335 $7.79
01-Apr-15 Hourly Rate $10.60 1.34 $7.91
01-Apr-16 Hourly Rate $10.70 1.356 $7.89
01-Apr-17 Hourly Rate $10.85 1.371 $7.91
01-Apr-18 Hourly Rate $11.00 1.4 $7.86
01-Apr-19 Hourly Rate $11.55 1.422 $8.12
01-Apr-20 Hourly Rate $12.55 1.426 $8.80
01-Apr-21 Hourly Rate $12.95 1.482 $8.74

And the Resulting Graph

A graph showing the NS minimum wage in spending power in 2000


If we continued on the minimum wage trend between 2000 and 2010, assuming it was a linear change b/w those two dates, we could expect a minimum wage of around $10.80 in 2000 money, or $16 in 2021 money.

Even this is more than what "progressives" in NS politics are asking for.

So what governments where responsible for this stagnation, well, it started in 2010 while the Darrell Dexter (NDP) was is power, and continued with The Stephen McNeil (Liberal) government until about 2019 when we started to have real increases again. I wonder what we have instore with the current Tim Houston (Conservative) government. I know there was one 3.1% increase in April but with the way that the CPI is looking this year, unless there is another big increase in the Fall I think we will be seeing a downward trend.

More Coming

I will add to this page as time allows, something that I would like to look at specifically is GDP growth, general public salary growth and whether or not the reason that we can't have a higher minimum wage is because there isn't any money, or if the wealthy are a bunch of hoarding dragons.


Last updated: Tue 16 August 2022