Updated: October 23, 2019 – Halifax, NS

I’m back in Halifax and hoping to stay in Nova Scotia until at least the New Year. Things are going pretty good, the project in Labrador is in operation and there is only some minor changes to be made over the next couple of months.

My other work project that is taking the majority of my time is a small hydro in Nova Scotia. For this project we are doing a couple of things that hasn’t been done before. We are using a new automation platform that should simplify the entire setup in the future, but for now it is a lot of work to get going.

The thermal storage is on its way, we should be on time of day rates in the next couple of weeks. Part of this project is getting a generator panel installed. It is to this panel that we will have the thermal storage, future PV solar and storage attached to; along with all the other critical loads in the home.

Finally, I’ve started doing daily videos at JMK Engineering Inc for registered members. Registration is free, and if you would like to check them out, head over to –

I will probably be saying “no” to everything until the New Year.

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