Updated: September 19, 2019 – Halifax, NS

I’m back in Labrador working to get a mini-hydro online. We did our first couple of connection tests, but they tripped free close to immediately. The protection works! Later today we will be back on site working to get the protection dialed in and re-attempt this afternoon or tomorrow.

I’m still investigating installing solar on the roof of our home, but want to get a couple of thermal storage units installed first and go time-of-use. These will be installed in the basement. Still need to find a good electrician in Halifax, NS to help out. So if you know anyone, please let me know!

I’m still volunteering with IEEE Smart Grid and starting to ramp up a couple of ideas right now with them. If you aren’t a member of the community, its free, and probably the best source of non-commercial information out there on smart grid.

I will probably be saying “no” to everything until the New Year.

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