Urban Wandering Around Deadman's Island Park

By jeff



When we are heading out for a wander, typically we have a rough destination in mind, and if we make it there, that's a good thing. However, as we are travelling to that place I keep an eye on the map to see if there is any "green" that I haven't seen before. Sometimes its a park and playground that we haven't noticed, and sometimes its a very historical park right in the middle where the rich people live.

Deadman's Island Park

This park is located just outside the downtown core in a suburb with big houses. In fact there is a small trail that takes you down to the park itself that is pretty neat.

map showing the rough location of Deadman's Island Park.

This park is the location where a lot of bad stuff happened. I know its called an island, but it really isn't.

Historic Monument for the park.

This place was very important during the early day's of Halifax, but I didn't even know it existed until I came across it on the map.

Deer and other views

Something I really wasn't expecting as we were walking down was to come across a couple deer.

Deer chewing on some leaves

They really didn't seem to give a shit about what were were up to.

Wandering Around Deadman's Island park