Lots of Birds

By jeffmackinnon

This weekend we got out for another wander around Frog Lake (or is it pond). Our friend the wood duck was there, along with a murder of crows.

I started thinking about getting a new mirrorless body this summer, and I think I have made my pick, a Canon EOS R6. It is a huge upgrade from this Canon 60D that I picked up a few years ago. The final nail in the coffin was a faulty mic input on the 60D. I don't take a lot of video, but I would prefer to have synced audio rather than trying to sync it in post processing.

If it was JUST for the video I wouldn't be going all the way to a R6, there are a lot of great options, but I'm ready for the upgrade in general, and the autofocus and inbody stabilization in the R6 is insane.

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