When gigabit fibre isn't helpful

By jeffmackinnon

After testing the new lightroom workflow on a few smaller collections (< 1500 pictures) I figured it was ready for primetime, so I created a bunch of collections, one for every year, and added all the unflagged DNG or RAW images to them.

That was a mistake.

I only clicked a couple to sync, but that was about 3000 images and there were still images to be removed from the cloud that I deleted with my phone. I left it all night and still waiting.

It isn't my upload speed, that is fine, and there is still a lot of RAM and processor headroom. The only bottleneck that I can see is the Adobe infrastructure. I can't imagine being a professional and having to use the cloud version to edit a weekend of wedding photos. That would be torture.

the picture of the clock is because we don't have time for this

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