Lots of berries in the woods

By jeff


It was too warm this summer, and I don't know if its a sign of age in me, or that something else. Probably has a little to do with the raging pandemic that is killing people that we have decided to ignore. Stiff upper lip and all that.

Anyway, the weather has started to break, and today is a great example of that.

I went for a short trip to the Shaw Wilderness Area with a snack this weekend and the amount of berries still hanging on the trees is pretty neat. I'm not sure if its a sign of anything, I really expected most of the trees to be picked clean by, well, the wildlilfe.

Along with COVID19 running wild through the province, this was a particularly bad year for bird flu. I'm hoping the amount of berries isn't a bad sign.

Something new - comments are working, its something that I have been trying to get working in one way or another, and this morning I made it work. There is still some cleanup, but it is in a state now that I can move on to other things and come back to it when I'm interested.