A Short Walk Around the Poor's Farm


By jeffmackinnon

I have wanted to walk the Salt Marsh Trail for a while, but we are typically only over that part of town in the summer and I always assume that it is full of mosquitos. So I thought we would head over there today to check it out before the snow starts.

On the way the little guy was talking about walking in the woods and since there aren't many trees on a marsh I decided we would stop at parking lot 1 instead, turned out to be still part of the Cole Harbour Parks and Trails Association. The trails had a couple of icy spots and a couple of muddy spots, but overall really good condition. The CHPTA has a really good system there.

It was a great little walk around with some great bench views.

Bench View #1

Our first bench stop was actually for snack time. It was only a little ways from the parking lot, but when its snack time you stop for a snack.

the first bench view

This is actually the only bench that we stopped for a rest at, the are there for the next time.

our view during break.

Bench View #2

Bench view example number 2 In loving memory of Paul Crocker

This bench had a great view between a couple of trees which will be just as great in the spring when everything gets leafy and green.

Bench View 2 through the trees.

Bench View #3

Bench view #3 The bench view.
The final bench view for this wander is where I learned about the Halifax County Poor's Farm
Beginning in 1887, this was the site for Halifax County's residence for the aged and homeless poor and the mentally challenged (or “harmless insane” as they were referred to at the time). This site saw a complex of several buildings being constructed forming an active and self-contained farm that supported up to 90 residents. The farm, later known as the County Home, was used until a fire forced closing in 1929. Dependant on funding, archaeological field work with public participation continues each year at the site to determine building locations and to recover artefacts for later site interpretation. [1]

There is more informaiton on the Poor's Farm on the interpretative panel than I could find on the site.

Interpretative Panel at the Heritage Park

The Wander Itself

We started at the parking lot and went for a big loop around the park, counter-clockwise. [2]

The walking track

It wasn't till the last leg, about 3.4km into the wander that my partner for the day started to really slow down, but he made it.

Tree Question

Do you know what these growths on the spruce tree are?

strange growth on a spruce tree.

If you know tag me on twitter, @jeffmackinnon, I spent a few minutes on google but couldn't figure it out.

[1]I learned this after I came home and looked up the site. There is a special page for the Heritage farm here - http://www.chpta.org/p/heritage-park.html
[2]I did track it with my garmin, but I'm still trying to figure out the touch screen, the track is broken into 2 activities because I accidentally stopped one when I was trying to pause it.

A Wander Around the Old Poor Farm

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