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Pandemic wine is bottled

It’s nothing special, but it’s nice for a home brew. It was actually ready to bottle a couple weeks ago, but we were a little busy to get to it.

Hopefully those extra days clearing will reduce the aging a bit so we can start drinking it on the patio.

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Not all baking works out – cookies

They are flat

Not all baking works out all the time. This weekend my two cookie projects didn’t work out at all. The second recipe is pictured above.

I’m not sure what I did wrong, but it may have been beaten too much or the pan was in the wrong place in the oven.

It was my first time trying this recipe in many moons.

These are recipes from a recipe book my primary teach put together. I tweeted about it a couple weeks ago.


Spring is here along with BBQ

A couple weeks ago we had a pork shoulder, and rather than roasting it in the @KamadoJeff like we would normally, we did it in the oven.

Rib Steaks on a charcoal grill

It was delicious, and there was the added benefit of the pork fat drippings that we saved for cooking.

However, this weekend I grilled steaks and they were amazing.

I know, grilling is not “BBQ”, but it is close enough to kick off the BBQ season. It’s at least in the same family.

I will post my BBQ progress on @kamadojeff and will come up with a cool hashtag to share. For now you can check out another Jeff’s hashtag or just follow my @kamadojeff account

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Distancing Supper – Pork Shoulder

Over the last week we have been eating great. Batch cooking some days, and scratch cooking others.

Yesterday we had no idea what we were going to have and that turned into this. Roasted pork shoulder from the freezer, corn fried in pork fat, onions, garlic powder and some herbs, canned black beans and a little bit of feta.

It was as delicious as it looks.


The recipes from the weekend of bread

Its mid-week now and the bread that I made on the weekend is still holding up nicely. One of them are the hot dog buns.

So that I can find the recipes quickly in the future, I’m putting them here.

Basic White Bread

This is a recipe for basic white bread that is amazing. Lasts few days on the the counter without losing any of its delicious-ness.

Hot Dog Buns

This is a recipe by Rebecca from Foodie With Family, and you can find it here -> Homemade Hot Dog Buns


Finally, by request, brioche.


Homemade hot dog buns are key

A little after bedtime snack

Making chicken

Just need to leave it for a couple hours (2-4max)
The trick is to fold over the top to prevent contamination.

Rather than posting to Instagram all the time, I’m starting to update this site with my inane posts.

Good idea?