Another Weekend in the woods

By jeff


This weekend we went out for another walk around Sir Standford Flemming park, and this time I took my camera. Last weekend we saw a huge woodpecker and a wood duck, but since I only had my phone we only got a decent picture of the duck.

Wood duck in calm water

I try to get into a wooded area at least once a week, and with the weather starting to get chilly (very slowly this year) I want to make sure that we get out there every chance we get. Its a lot harder to scramble over rocks in the winter.

Too many people

There were a lot of people on the more main paths in the part, too many for me. When we got to the spot that the ducks like to hang out there were at least 20 people just hanging out in a small area, but after our snack it cleared out and we got down to the water.

Busy day at the ducks.

The wood duck was still there and after a couple of minutes a couple came along just to photograph it. It is a very pretty bird. I wasn't able to get any shots that I really liked, I could only focus on it in spurts while keeping the little guy out of the water.

Another of the famous duck.

Maybe winter will finally come helping to thin the trails so we can spend a bit more time taking pictures without the worry of people and dogs crowding around.