First trip to the Salt Marsh


By jeffmackinnon

Last week we stopped short and wandered around the Heritage Park portion of the Cole Harbour Parks and Trails System. I'm glad we did, because today was a much warmer day to go out in the middle of the marsh.

We didn't go far this trip, we didn't have a great sleep last night, and the beach is over 6km. That's a little much for those with short legs, but we did get out into the middle of the Harbour.

Partial Track of the wander

We parked at parking lot 2 and headed out. Around marker 2 in the above image we stopped for a snack. I love bringing snacks along on these walks, it both breaks up the walk for the little ones and gives them some energy to keep going.

We turned back when the pace was really slowing down.

Snack Bech View

Bench view

It is always a good idea to stop to have a snack with a view.

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