First BBQ Ribs of Spring 2022


By jeffmackinnon

I was at Costco earlier this week and picked up a couple packages of ribs, one for the freezer and this one.

I really enjoy making ribs on the Kamado Joe, they are very forgiving, don't take too long (6h max) and are yummy.

For the seasoning I always have a mason jar of Meathead's World Famous Memphis Dust Rub and love it. I don't always have all the exact quantities, so every jar is a little different.

Along with the rub I add salt to taste and just put it on the grill.

I used the blower v0 from yesterday to get it started, it only took 10min to get to 550F which is hot enough that its not going to snuff out when I add the deflectors and wood, but not so hot that it won't drop in temperature and I will have to close the vents completely.

When I got the ribs on I kept it between 250 and 300 from about 4h and then brushed on sauce and left them for another hour. At that point they ready to eat.

Ready to eat ribs.

Does anyone else cut the meat off the bones before plating?

preparing rib meat to eat.

I've been doing this most times when we eat at the table. I find it looks better on the plate and is a lot easier to eat. I on'y cut off the amount that we are going to eat because there is a chance that it will dry out a little too much if you put leftovers away that way.

Overall they were amazing as always, we had beans, roast root vegetables and fried sweet corn on the side.

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