Basic White Bread from a Magazine


By jeffmackinnon

Today I decided to make bread. We are almost finished the brown bread that I made earlier this week, and although we have some store bread in the freezer, I was feeling ambitious.

On the weekend I realized that I can get a lot of different magazines from the library and one that I checked out was a Better Homes and Garden Special Edition on Bread. This is the basic sandwich bread recipde.

But because I have been thinking about rolls a lot lately I decided to make one normal loaf and a pan of rolls. The rolls didn't turn out the way that I hoped.

The sad looking rolls

They didn't proof very well and aren't very fluffy. I'm blaming my misunderstanding of the science of rolls, and that the room was a little cooler than it should have been.

I haven't tried the bread yet, that will be tomorrow at lunch, so I don't know if the recipe is worthy of sharing.


More in the Magazine

There are a few more recipes that I came across in the magazine that I have added to my recipe index. I will let you know what they are like here.

The two that I'm particularly interested in trying are the cinnamon buns (I haven't found a recipe I like yet) and croissants.

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