A wander in the Urban Barrens


By jeffmackinnon

For something to do, and to help the baby nap we went for a drive. The idea was to head to a path around town, maybe Hemlock Ravines, but when we got there the small parking lot was packed. We didn't feel like being around so many people so we kept going.

Eventually the baby fell asleep and I saw a green spot on the car's map that we haven't been to before and we went that way. It was the Bedford Barren.

Map around the Bedford Barren

While mom and the baby stayed in the car, we went for a small adventure to find a good log for a snack.

Frozen brought

We found a good log by that frozen bog.

While we were in there we saw about 8 deer.

Whitetail deer in the woods

There were about 8 deer and they didn't really care that we were as little as 10m away. They just kept nomming.

If you head toward Bedford, know that there are a lot of friendly deer that way.

We found deer in the woods

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