Wandering Around town

By jeff


We headed out Sunday planning to visit the park a see some ducks, however I completely forgot that all the parks and trails were closed because of the wildfires and tinder dry forest. Why did I forget? Well it was raining and everything was wet. It took a little convincing the two little ones in the car why they were closed, but they understood quicker than some adults that I interacted with earlier in the weekend.

road with a barricade stating that the park is closed.

So we kept driving, and ended up in Peace and Friendship park. There is a great playground there and because the weather was calling for rain, and it was pretty wet, the playground was empty.

picture of the westen in halifax

From the other side of the Westen and trail terminal there is a lot of exterior work/maintenance being done, but you can't tell at all from the front.

toddler with a green coat and yellow boots walking up blue steps.

Pizza for supper

We had pizza for supper. I like to par-bake the crust to make sure that it doesn't stick to the screen when we put it in the oven, however I forgot about it for a bit and it puffed up!

pizza dough puffed up like a pita bread

Luckily with a little mechanical adjustments (I leaned on it with the pizza peel) it was ready for sauce.

the same pizza dough, but flattened with sauce.

After supper I continued to teach out oldest (who is only 6) cribbage. This time he was able to hold attention for 3 hands and is even winning. He is doign amazing with finding pairs, runs and adding to 15. He is going to get the handle of the game soon, and then will have a lifetime to get good.

cribbage board with pegs showing the game status. White is winning over red.

The trails are open

It was announced Sunday that the trails will be open again Monday, June 5th. I did miss spending time on the trail this weekend, but fully supported the decision to close the forests to ensure that more fires aren't started and also reducing the likelihood of someone getting hurt and re-directing strained resources from containing the existing wildfires.

It is only June, and I hope that this isn't an omen for the rest of the season.