Rubbernecking and wandering

By jeff



Yesterday afternoon I had a need to get out of the house. It has been a grinding couple of weeks, and the historic rainfall that happened last friday resulted in a minor studio flood. Nothing like was experienced by a lot of other people around the province, but enough to completely disrupt Monday and Tuesday to do clean up and re-arrange the studio so that it will be easier to clean the next time.

So while I may be behind on a few of my tasks, I still wanted to get out so I packed the kids in the car and we went for a drive. The directions were based on their decisions, I gave them options, and we headed around the basin over the MacKay bridge and ended up at Hemlock Ravine for a short afternoon walk in the woods.

When we went throughj Bedford there wasn't a lot of evidence of the Sackville River completely breaking banks, the parking lots were muddy with people pressure washing them, and a lot of restoration trucks driving around trying to get everything dry before the mould starts to set in.

The walk

When we got to the park it was pretty empty. There were a few ducks in the heart shaped pond (that's its name) but that was about it. For the most part there wasn't any damage to the trail, until we got to the brook, which was probably more of a river last Friday.

The fungus seemed to enjoy the rain a lot more than anything else, there were mushrooms poking through everywhere.

two mushrooms poking through the gravel beside the the main path.

and the moss was greener than I have seen all of the very hot July.

A single mushroom poking out at the top of the frame with a green mossy forest floor.

While I heard a couple of birds in the trees, two kids darting all over the path make it hard to spot them for a picture. A couple crows didn't seem to mind. They were fighting over something just off the path while we were wandering along.

Two crows through some trees pecking at eachother for a scrap of food one flew in with.

All in all, it was a refreshing walk, and it was good to get out before the next rain or heat wave. It was the perfect temperature if it was a bit dark.