Polly's Cove - Most of the way

By jeffmackinnon


I haven't been getting out exploring as much, but on the 5th I took the kids to the Polly's Cove trail.

Open Street Maps view of Polly's Cove Trail

We headed east towards Barbara Basin, but the trail was a little too rough for the youngests legs, so we found a good spot for our snack north of those islands.

Lunch spot

The Lunch Spot

Overall its a nice spot, I think I would go again with just the older one, or when the smaller one gets bigger. No rush though, its not a spot that I would go far out of the way for. Taylor Head was a much better spot. To give an exmaple, I put away my camera and just used my phone about 1/2 way through, there just wasn't anything to shoot. The only signs of wildlife that I saw was a couple of gulls, nothing else.

Lots of hills for little legs

Lots of hills for little legs