A Quick Adventure to Chebucto Head

By jeff


First a short rant.

I think we need to talk about AllTrails. It sucks.

AllTrails Suck!

The last few times that I have set out with a 5yo for an adventure we had to change our plans, on the fly, because the place that the app was sending us had posted "private property" or "no tresspassing" signs. There wasn't any information in the app about this, or signage on site.

Now, the first time that I was burned from this I started looking at the reviews of every trail that I added to my to-do list hoping this would sanitize the experience. So far no luck.

I will probably still use it to "browse" for ideas, but I need to rely on local trail associations to find "real" places to go.

In any case, we did have a nice walk along the coast.

The Lighthouse at Chebucto Head

Our first trail choice was the no-go, so we headed to the lighthouse.

This was a nice easy walk on the old service road, with side quests.

Like a lot of the "trails" on AllTrails they weren't marked in any way, but there were clear places that were well travelled.

We headed done one towards the water for our lunch break, and then down another past the lighthouse for dessert, before heading back to the car.

iPhone on a tripod

I used the iPhone for the timelapse, I think I will use the camera next time

While wandering around we came across a tiny frog pond, but didn't see any frogs. We could hear them for sure.

Pretty Flower in a pond

Its shots like this that I wish I had a faster long lens.

The paved road wasn't exactly what we were looking for, but the sound of the ocean was pretty great.

An old paved road

Paved road != trail

But the sound and smell of the ocean made up for it. The fact that there was hardly anybody there helped too.