Weekend Wandering

By jeff


On friday I checked the weather for the weekend while I was sipping my coffee, it called for rain, 100% chance all day Saturday and Sunday, so I planning on errands, movies and baking.

Then Saturday came, my errands finished, still no rain and I checked the forecast and it flipped 100%, no rain now till Monday.

I wasn't sure what to do, so Saturday I took the younger for a walk around town, but especially to see the horses.

Beautiful horse at the Halifax Wanderers

Beautiful horse at the Halifax Wanderers

Then we took a walk to the public gardens before heading home and running into Smokey the cat.

Shed by the pond

Shed on the pond

Smokey the cat.

Smokey the cat

Sunday Wanders

On Sunday I took the older for a wander around Eastern Passage/Cow Bay. We were originally heading back to the beach in Eastern Passage but they wanted to walk in the woods instead.

So, I took a left at Shearwater and we landed at the Kiwanis Centre Beach and Park on Morris Lake.

Sign at the Kiwanis Centre Beach and Park on Morris Lake

The signage was very lacking so we didn't spend a lot of time wandering around the trails there. It seemed like a decent park for a volunteer run project, but there was a lot of garbarge in the woods, un-marked and un-maintained trails, etc.

If it was a municipal or provincial park I would be contacting the city, but since its essentially a private park, there isn't much that I can do.

From there we started back towards Eastern Passage and jumped on the Shearwater Flyer Trail for a bit.

signage at the Shearwater Flyer trail head

We didn't go very far down the trail, it was hot and realtively open to the sun. It is a great biking trail and we crossed paths with a lot of bikes, but I don't think I will give this section ago with someone with little legs, unless we were on bikes. The waypoints are far apart and the little one was getting bored fast.

GPS track of our walk at the shearwater flyer trail

Back home

When we got back home I took some pictures of the flowers and the every elusive blue jay. He isn't elusive in the sense that I don't see him often, but I rarely see him when I have my camera in hand.

Beautiful flowers.
Bluejay Hanging out
Chives in the sun.

Weekend wandering photo dump